5 foot Mega Plow for bicycles

We had about a half inch of snow a few days ago so I took the bicycle out and plowed the pathway. My typical distance is 4 km out and back. This year I may be adding about another kilometre to the route so the pathway links to businesses are plowed whenever possible. I also added several kilometres to the route on the last plowing to clear local pathways to a mall.

The pathway around the lake was very rutted by this time so it was low gear all the way. The plow smoothed out the foot ruts. Finding time to plow when working can be a limiting factor in how much gets done. This winter I have enough home made plows to start off the year plowing instead of building plows and trying to figure out what design works best. Have some new ideas for new plow designs this year too.

Last year the Mega plow was just plywood. This year I've covered it with corrigated plastic which is waxed to help prevent snow from sticking to it. Seems to be working quite well. The best material seems to be acrylic sheets but those are brittle and difficult (also very expensive) to work with but snow hardly even sticks to that material. Perhaps I'll find a better material as winter progresses.

So far this year I've done 9.5 hours on the bicycle plows and about 2 hours on the push plows.

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