8800 kms on my Trek Navigator... broken axle

Replaced the chain. It started skipping on the old gears. So the wheel went in for new gears with a bent skewer. I stuck in a new skewere and dropped the wheel off at the shop because one of the bearings was pitted. Turned out, that was part of the axle which came off. Axle was broken as well. Bike rode well though as bizarre as it now seems.

Really hoping the guys at Ridley's can fix it up for tomorrow. Its my work bike and has over 8800 kms on it since 2011. Really sturdy bike but maybe the axle broke before my 60 lb camping load was on the bike or maybe it was afterwards, who knows. Need it fixed up to last another 8800Kms.

In the meantime, my winter cruiser sits waiting for snow. Its ready to go. Just bought a new road bike on sale (fall/winter best prices for bikes), Used my folding bike today for errands it has 4 or 5,000Kms on it. Going to test out the new bike tomorrow and see if I can beat my old record for the loop.

Thinks I need a bike repair shop at home.

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