How cyclists safely and legally (IMO) can get past Beg Buttons

Bicycles are more pedestrians than vehicles in my opinion because they are muscle powered. Since the law does not permit bicycles to have the same right of way as pedestrians on crosswalks, we often have to switch back and forth from pedestrian mode to vehicle mode to get legally through intersections where Beg Buttons do not work in a reasonable amount of time.

Local law says that walking a bicycle means you have to be beside the bicycle and not pedaling. Your local laws may differ since when are laws ever the same everywhere. Essentially, this would seem to imply that if a person has one foot on a pedal, is beside the bicycle, and pushing with the other foot that they are in fact walking a bicycle. In places where no bicycle riding is permitted this may allow you to coast on a bicycle and get through the no cycling area without breaking the law.

Since bicyclists often have to switch back and forth between pedestrian mode and vehicle mode due to lousy auto only infrastructure that penalizes pedestrians and people on bicycles, we may be able to get around this anti-cycling law to get safely and legally (this is not legal advice) cross intersections where Beg Buttons are used to obstruct pedestrian traffic movement.

I will set the stage for a local situation I face regularly.

Cross walk lights are not synced with traffic lights. Pushing the Beg Button only means you get a crosswalk signal after the next light change, not the current one unless the button is pressed early enough. Usually the Beg Button does not have any effect for at least 2 minutes or longer so if the button is pushed and the lights are about to change, the pedestrian does not get a walk signal and does not know if there is a green light to cross because traffic lights are facing the other way (really stupid intersection design).

It is a 3 way intersection where crossing as a pedestrian does not provide traffic lights in the direction of the pedestrian movement. In other words, a pedestrian can't cross against a red light because there isn't one for the pedestrian to see.

There is however, a way around such intersection design disasters.

A vehicle may turn right on a green light. So when there is a long break in traffic, mount the bicycle from the side, one leg on a pedal and the other pushing the bicycle from the crosswalk/sidewalk. Once on the road, lift one leg over the bicycle and start pedaling and immediately turn right with the traffic. Now that you are moving as a vehicle with traffic through a green light, turn left into the left turn lane and make a legal left turn with the lights.

Sometimes a bicycle is very useful, like when slurring the distinction between what is a pedestrian and what is a vehicle. Be careful when doing this maneuver. Drivers are not expecting you to know the law and they will complain like spoiled kids pretending that they alone are always right and that they alone own the roads. The "entitled" driver mentality is a contributing reason to why there are so many people killed in automobiles than cyclists in any given year.

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