My 1st Spring Ride of 2011

It was 9.9C yesterday and judging by the numbers of cyclists and dog walkers at the Beddington Pathways, plenty warm enough to put in some miles.

Having some time constraints myself, I decided to go for a few hill climbs on a 5 km route as a way to determine where my fitness is at.

Heading east with a 41 kph chinook tailwind, I maxed out over 40 kph but had to slow down for pedestrians, eventually reaching the east side of the gully.

First, I tackled the infamous pathway up to the parking lot on Beddington. 4th gear aught to work, I thought. Charging ahead at full warp speed (10-15 kph), I climbed the steep grade where several inches of water raced across the pathway from the melting snow. I totally maxed out my heart rate like an old model T chugging up a hill but since I didn't bring my heart rate monitor I'll never know if I broke my record (heart rate).

Having reached the benches at the top of the hill, it took several long, long minutes to recover but what a ride! It felt great to go blasting up the hill so there must be at least a little masochistic tendency left in me after cycling indoors all winter (LOL).

After recovering, I coasted back down the hill and noted the slope on my gps which increased to -12% grade before turning down to the Nose Creek pedestrian bridge (of which there are at least 3). Another hill came into my sights and I climbed that in 5th gear with a slightly lower effort after being winded on the first hill, although I could have probably done it in sixth gear. After a quick break at the bench, I headed west into the 41 kph headwind and tried my hand at aero positioning before my time was up.

It was only a 5 km ride but it was my first Spring Ride of 2011. What's your's?

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  1. stevehayes13

    I do not stop.

    March 15, 2011