Plowing Update

Finally had time to post plowing hours for 2015-2016. The website deleted the post before I could save it. Here goes round #2 trying to post it via copy and paste.
31.75 hrs bike plow                64%
5.25 push plow                         10.5%
12.75 hrs snowblower           25.6%
Total                                              49.75 hrs
The plan for next winter is to install a 500watt electric motor kit to pull the 5 foot Mega Plow in deeper snow. The small plow works well without any help. Last winter I added hooks to the small plow to carry on the bike for plowing to and from work.
The Mega Plow works good in about 2" of snow. With the lower gearing and new hub on the plow bike it should be even better! Plus I'd like to add more miles to my plowing route but time has always been a factor. 
I've been working on a book about bike plowing and its been taking up much of my spare time. The ebook version is here:
The 2 foot plow is receiving a small upgrade this spring to help it plow better in deeper snow. 
Then I found a new use for bicycle chains… making fatbike tire chains with them. Haven't had any chance to test them this last winter. Its been so warm and mild! To get enough tire clearance, I had to swap out the single crank on the fatbike for a triple crank which moves the chain off the tire more and then build a chain guide. That's done. This allows me to push the chain onto the small crank gear for hill climbing. I wore out the fatbike chain in less than 500km which is a record for me. Hopefully the chains won't keep wearing out so fast. 
The fatbike crank gear was then moved to the plow bike to lower its gearing. Happy with the results as it is much easier to pedal in high gear than it used to. Might even be able to plow in top gear now.
Added a axle lock to prevent the plow bike axle from sliding which has always been a problem with the Giant Simple 3. Hopefully this permanently solves the problem.
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