Ready for Winter! The Bicycle Snow Plow Rides again.

Ready for winter with the bicycle snow plow

Been busy painting and preparing the plows for winter. Also have been very busy writing a book about my revenge against last winter with the plows. Light snowfall tonight. Just enough to warn that winter is coming. Sunday and Monday forecast is for 1-3 cms. Just enough snow for the Mega Plow.

Took the small plow out tonight for a dry run to check the fancy lighting I added. Mounted a spoke light on a fiberglass pole mounted onto the plow so it flashes when the plow moves. Added a rear work light that will help me see the plow at night in the mirrors when plowing. Also added a Loud Bicycle horn on the handlebars. This meant there was no place for a head light. The solution was to mount a 1" wood dowel on the camera mount above the front fender. Easy to do.

Was adding some plastic signs to the Mega Plow blades so that snow won't stick. Most of the plow was covered in plastic shelving material last winter but I never had a chance to try it. The additional plywoond at the back of the plow wasn't covered so I used some plastic signs to cover that section and then painted it.

I started putting on the last coat of spray paint so it started snowing. The Mega Plow is now 5 1/2 feet wide, about half a foot wider than last year because the plastic signs extend a litter further back. This is my big plow for light snow. I can plow half a pathway in one run. Coming back clears the other side. In a light snowfall it takes less than half the time of my smaller plow that works well for deeper snow and drifts.

Finally decided to build a small bridge over a concrete drainage ditch with a 2X8. Its a bizarre situation as to why Calgary would build a ditch across a pathway but anything is possible here. The cycle track downtown is racking up higher than expected numbers. So now its my turn to support cycling by clearing the pathway again this winter. If only I can figure out how to get the ebook published. That's a task for tomorrow.

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  1. rour1930

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    August 21, 2017