Tips for making a push plow

A push plow for moving snow can be made from many curved materials that are strong and light. A plastic tube cut lengthwise works well as does a plastic water barrel which is what I used although you may wish to bolt flat steel to the blade to reduce wear once you have worn the plastic  so it is straight lengthwise.

To mount a broom handle to the plow use a handle with metal threads and buy a soft brush to fit it that has a strong plastic base. Cut the brissels off and use a lighter to melt the ends flat so you have a flat surface where the brissels used to stick out.

Place the curved material so the Top&bottom ends sit flat on the floor with the middle curved upwards.

Use 2X2s and screws or bolts to mount the brush end sideways to the length of curved material (water barrel) so the handle angles towards the end of the plow about 45 degrees. Use 2x2s on the ends of the brussel piece to create a flat mount. Mount the handle so that it is sticking straight up but angled towards one end of the plow blade. This allows flipping of the blade which allows angling the blade to either side.

Make a brace of 2x2s for the handle so that it is supported at least half way up the broom handle to prevent breaking the handle off. Make this brace sturdy, using metal braces or piece of plywood to reinforce the joints. 

Because my push plow was 4ft wide (2 pieces of the water barrel bolted on the ends to create a wider plow blade) I added a second handle drilled through the brissel plate and screwed into the blade mid curvature. This allows steering of the wide plow more easily when an end catches on a snow drift. 

Because the plow is angled 45 degrees, you can push snow more easily to the side. Adjust the angle using the broom handles to reduce the effort to push in deeper snow. This will result in a narrower path plowed but will be easier to push. For light snow you can plow a wider path by angling the blade so it is more perpendicular to the snow.

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